MIRAIT ONE is engaged in building and maintaining various social infrastructures including communication infrastructures. It is also involved in projects that contribute to local town and community development, as well as corporate DX and GX.

1.Future domain

icon City and village development / Corporate DX and GX

We will create robust infrastructures that are friendly to regional environments and will respond to the business needs of digital transformation and green transformation by combining our technical capabilities in communications, IoT, ICT, electricity, energy, civil engineering, and other fields with our greatest strength, on-site capabilities.


icon Green energy

To contribute to decarbonization, we will promote the construction and sales of solar power generation facilities, PPA business (electric power selling), and our own consumption of solar power. Also, in addition to installation, operation, and maintenance of power generation facilities, we ourselves will become a power generation utility to provide renewable energy.


icon Software

Every infrastructure is enabled by software. We will provide high-quality software and DX through virtualization to contribute to our customers in business transformation.


icon Global

We started global operation in the 1970s, and have been engaged in the construction of information communication network infrastructures in over 90 countries around the world.In recent years, we established group companies mainly in Asia-Pacific countries to contribute to the advancement of these regions through the construction of communication infrastructures.We also put an effort in the fostering of engineers through active technical support including the acceptance of trainees and the provision of local training.


2.Corporate/Environmental and social Infrastructure domain

icon Environmental and social innovation

In order to realize safe and secure society, we will respond to the needs of society and the times by providing social infrastructures such as reliable information networks, electric facilities as the backbone of society, and environment-friendly energy supply systems.


icon ICT solutions

The introduction of broadband networks and the construction of ICT systems have become indispensable items in business scenes. To respond to these issues that every business is tackling for survival, the MIRAIT ONE Group will provide optimum ICT infrastructures and high-quality applications.


3.Communications infrastructure domain

icon Communication infrastructure

Broadband for high-speed and large-capacity communication has become the new standard of communication. The infrastructure that enables broadband communication is optical fiber networks. MIRAIT ONE Group engages in the construction of optical fiber networks under a consistent system that encompasses design, construction, operation and maintenance, covering both urban and rural areas.


icon Mobile network

The mobile network is essential in realizing affluent and comfortable society. With the start of the age of full-fledged 5G and IoT, the use and needs for the mobile network is becoming increasingly diverse and sophisticated. MIRAIT ONE Group is responding to these needs with its outstanding technological expertise and nation-wide services and provide optimum solutions in terms of both marketing and construction, which are highly appreciated by our customers.