Purpose /
Mission / Vision

Purpose / Mission / Vision

P:Purpose “Meaning of existence”
M:Mission “Role in society”
V:Vision “MIRAIT ONE Group
Vision 2030”

< Background of establishing the Purpose, Mission, and Vision >
On July 1, 2022, as the start of the new MIRAIT ONE Group, we redefined our Purpose and Mission — reflecting the aspirations of 14,000 executives and employees.
We formulated "MIRAIT ONE Group Vision 2030" as a new business vision for 2030, with the aim of evolving into a corporate group that continues to contribute even more to solving a variety of social issues in a wide range of social infrastructure fields.

P:Purpose “Meaning of existence”

Co-creating an exciting future through challenges and technology.

M:Mission “Role in society”

  • ・Meeting customer expectations and contributing to realize a prosperous society.
  • ・Constantly refining our technology and business model to add more value.
  • ・Building and maintaining future social infrastructure with our partners.
  • ・Creating an attractive corporate culture with a diverse and dynamic workforce.
  • ・Continuing to be a trusted company through improved sustainability and strict compliance.

 “MIRAIT ONE Group Vision 2030”

  • ◇ Change1: People-centric management

    ・Opening of MIRAI College: “Driving force of business structure reform” providing learning and connection
    ・“Health management” creating a friendly working environment and protecting the physical and mental health of employees
    ・MIRAIT ONE work style reforms living with COVID-19

  • ◇ Change2: Acceleration of business growth

    ・Clearly redefining growth areas as “MIRAI Domains” and injecting resources (promotion of business structure reform to a full-value model)
     - Urban development and regional development business (regional redevelopment business), and acceleration of corporate DX and promotion of green operations
     - Entry into the green power generation business contributing to decarbonization
     - Strengthening of SI business contributing to customers’ DX (strategic consolidation)
     - Strengthening of global business promoting overseas data center related business and infrastructure sharing
    ・Strengthening of customer base of existing business (responding to expansion of customers and growth of customers)

  • ◇ Change3: Top-class profitability

    ・Strengthening of management foundation through concentration and improvement of efficiency by integrating the three companies
    ・Improvement of efficiency through the fundamental revision of operations and utilization of data insight
    ・Review of existing operations and costs through promotion of group coordination

  • ◇ Change4: Management based on data insights

    ・Establishment of knowledge-based data environment and optimization of sales approach (aggressive DX)
    ・Value chain reform, smart construction, utilization of BPO/RPA/robotics (defensive DX)
    ・Development of experts and core personnel, improvement of companywide literacy (development of DX personnel)

  • ◇ Change5: Strong foundation for ESG management

    ・Initiatives aimed at the achievement of greenhouse gas reduction targets (science-based targets)
    ・Creation of social value through the MIRAIT ONE Partner Association
    ・Enhancement of audit system and strengthening of audit functions through third line of defense
    ・Strengthening of corporate governance through new Group management system