Site policy

Site policy


All copywrite of work exhibited in the website belongs to MIRAIT Corporation or the original authorship.
You can freely display any page of this website on a display unless you are exhibiting it for profit purposes.
Also, you can download and print any work in the website if it is not for profit purposes and not explicitly prohibited.
However, you are not allowed to use data for other purposes, download or print any work for distribution to many and unspecified parties, or alter data.
Work exhibited in the website may be changed without prior notice.


- The company does not guarantee in any way that the information in the website is appropriate, accurate, or useful for customers, although we pay special attention to the information exhibited in the webpage. The company assumes no liability whatsoever in case of any direct or indirect damage to a customer through the use of this website.

- Websites linked from this website are managed by corporates or individuals of respective websites, not by the company. The company assumes no liability whatsoever for damage to customers through the use of a linked website.

- The content and URLs in the website may be updated or terminated without prior notice. The company assumes no liability whatsoever for any damage caused by a change of information in this website or by the suspension or termination of the operation of this website, whatever the reason.

About links

You are free to link to this website, but please contact us if you wish to do so. Links to the following types of websites are strictly prohibited.

- Website that violates public order and morality
- Website that may damage the credibility of the company
- Calumniation to a specific individual or organization
- Website that charges the user when the user accesses the website of the company via the link
- Other websites that the company determines inappropriate

Even if the company consents to a link, the company may cancel the consent later when the company determines the link inappropriate based on a fact that is found later. Please be forewarned.
For inquiries regarding our website, please contact us.

Privacy Policy

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