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  • Investment in Mapry Corporation Proving Service Enabling Simple, Low-cost Management of Forests


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  • January 23, 2023
  • MIRAIT ONE Corporation

Investment in Mapry Corporation Proving Service Enabling Simple, Low-cost Management of Forests


【MIRAIT ONE Corporation】 Investment in Mapry Corporation Proving Service Enabling Simple, Low-cost Management of Forests

Major telecommunications construction company MIRAIT ONE Corporation (head office: Koto-ku, Tokyo; President and Chief Executive Officer: Toshiki Nakayama; "MIRAIT ONE") reached an agreement on November 30, 2022 with Mapry Corporation (head office: Tamba-shi, Hyogo; representative director: Keiji Yamaguchi; "Mapry"), which has the concept of "contributing to the development of regions that make the most of their unique characteristics by creating a society in which anyone can easily utilize geospatial information" and provides the "mapry" geospacial information application platform to create a partnership, and for MIRAIT ONE to invest in Mapry to strengthen the relationship between the two companies.

Mapry is a company that develops and provides the "mapry" application for centrally managing forest information and efficiently performing tasks such as the establishment of land boundaries, forest surveys, forestry operations and disaster prevention. The company provides a GIS application for easily obtaining high-precision data with an iPhone or iPad for forest management in which data has not been efficiently obtained or utilized until now, and a service (see attachment) for easily obtaining and analyzing 3-dimensional information using remote sensing based on LiDAR and visible light and an overwhelmingly low price.

On April 19, 2022, Mapry began selling a simple long-range LiDAR device (200m) at low cost as a paid option. Most recently, the company has also made plans to similarly sell a simple medium-range device (40m) at low cost.

As there are currently calls for prevention of landslides and flooding, purification of river water quality, prevention of damage by wild animals and for initiatives such as SDGs and ESG, there has been heightened interest in forests, such as moves to curb carbon dioxide emissions aimed at a carbon-free society. Forests are closely related to our lives such as for environmental conservation and recharging water resources, and it is vital that they are appropriately managed.

Against this backdrop, MIRAIT ONE will apply Mapry's 3D data analysis applications and sensing using survey devices, the land and air sensing service proposals made in coordination with drone LiDAR jointly developed with MiratecDrone, carbon credit initiatives promoting the reduction of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases and know-how on sensing technology and data analysis to civil engineering and construction (see attachment), and has decided to make an investment for expansion into new business.

MIRAIT ONE will continue to actively engage in efforts aimed at the creation of new value including synergies with promising start-ups in order to respond to changes in market needs and customer needs and the timely provision of service against the backdrop of advances in new information and communication technology.

<About MIRAIT ONE Corporation>
MIRAIT ONE Corporation was launched on July 1, 2022 through the integration of MIRAIT Holdings Corporation, MIRAIT Corporation, and MIRAIT Technologies Corporation. MIRAIT ONE has established "co-creating an exciting future through challenges and technology" as its purpose (significance of existence), and is engaged in the resolution of issues faced by customers and society and regional revitalization by promoting initiatives such as urban and regional development, corporate DX and GX, green business and global business based on the technical capability cultivated until now in telecommunications facility construction and the civil engineering business.

<About Mapry Corporation>
Company name:Mapry Corporation
Established:January 2019
Address:165Tada, Kasuga-cho, Tamba-shi, Hyogo Prefecture 669-4125
Representative:Keiji Yamaguchi, Representative Director
Businesses:Development of GIS applications, development of hardware such as LiDAR


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