• Security policy

Security policy

Information security policies

The company protects information assets by taking proper measures against security risks, with the recognition of the importance of customer information used in business activities and company internal information.

1.Observe security regulations and customer requirements on personal information, customer information, and other important information.

2.Assess risks in information security periodically to effectively reduce risks arising from the advancement of information technology.

3.All individuals working for relevant companies * recognize the importance of the information handled and enlighten themselves through education programs.

* “Relevant companies” are companies of the MIRAIT ONE Group excluding the following:
- TTK Co., Ltd. and its group companies
- SOLCOM Co., Ltd. and its group companies
- Shikokutsuken Co., Ltd. and its group companies
- SEIBU CONSTRUCTION Co., Ltd. and its group companies
- Lantrovision (S) Ltd and its group companies